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Doomed & Disgusting: Interview With Dave Slave

Interview with Dave Slave from Doomed And Disgusting

Interview by Déa di Morté


HailMetal: Tell us a little about yourself…

Dave: I am the band. I play many musical instruments and also do the vocals. However, I do have a special guest drummer on a few tracks and he has been named, `The Walking Dead`.

HM: Tell us about your latest CD…

Dave: This CD is designed to freak ones mind especially if one is intoxicated! Amongst the audio lays recordings of my Uncle Boris breathing after being dead on life support for two hours!! Haha… There really is ghosts present amongst this recording! If you turn the lights out and light up three candles and smoke pot you will feel them as well as you will hear more of the subliminal effects that you would not normally hear otherwise ~ thanks to technology!

HM: How do you feel this differs from your old Sadistik Exekution material?

Dave: It is a slower version of Sadistik Exekution with pipe organs, harpsichords and some fucked up ghosts thrown in!

HM: How hard has it been to get to this point?

Dave: Extremely hard! I have been creating this horror audio since 1997 and only just starting to get attention now! Many Sadistik Exekution fans worldwide assumed that Doomed and Disgusting was some kind of side project! ~ Little do they know that Sadistik Exekution was my personal side project!

HM: Where does your main fan base / support tend to lie?

Dave: Well I am only evolving now and most interest seems to come from overseas eg: Europe and USA. However, I promise you that Doomed and Disgusting will be massive in the next few years!

HM: Let`s hope so, Dave! Now, if you were playing at a metal festival, who would you prefer was playing alongside you and where would that be?

Dave: Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, AC/DC, Motorhead and Slayer. And I would like to play anywhere in the world as long as there is plenty of beer! Eg Germany.

HM: Nice choices! So what would be your most memorable gig / performance to date?

Dave: Sadistik Exekution played a gig at Lewisham about 10 years ago and some westy-fuck-tough-guys in the crowd thought they might throw a glass at my head! So I jumped off stage and started throwing punches in their direction and one of them dobbed their mate in (who successfully targeted my head) and pointed in the direction of the toilets where he was hiding! At this time the band was still playing! Anyhow, after I kicked him in the guts and pushed his head in the piss trough… I pissed on him! I went back to the stage and just made it on the very last note of the song that was playing! That was heaps of fun! I hate toughies!

HM: Well done, Dave! Have you got a favourite song you like to play, and is there one in particular you`ve noticed your fans have started asking for?

Dave: Well Doomed and Disgusting hasn`t played a show yet, but as for radio `Torture Chamber` goes down well!

HM: Any plans for a music video?

Dave: Yes. I will be doing lots of film related things and as for music video I am awaiting permission from the morgue to use their premises!

HM: Ooh… That Sounds Pretty Cool! When You Go Into Recording Mode, Do You Find It Easy Or Challenging?

Dave: You would not believe the things that go on! ~ Due to spiritual corruption! Things get erased for no reason and weird sounds appear that sound like distant voices, which I leave in there, but other than that, I turn up with the general idea and improvise the songs as I go along, it`s much better that way!

HM: Well, it definitely brings back the old sad-Ex memories for me, and I reckon it`s pretty good, so where can people purchase your music and merchandise from?

Dave: Almost anywhere now like; JB Hi-Fi etc...

HM: What are some of your favourite local acts, and have you had the chance to play alongside them?

Dave: Every gig I`ve done was a headline and as for me I am over the metal thing in Australia! All our bands are good and no less than overseas, but I`d rather listen to good old fashioned metal.

HM: I love all the old stuff too, but you must admit there really are a shitload of great new Aussie bands out there just aching to be exposed! What do you think about the venues Australia has to offer its bands? Are they good enough for overseas acts?

Dave: Like I said Aussie bands are just as good and in some cases even better than overseas acts, but as for asking me about live venues, I am simply a studio artist so I don`t really know about venues etc.

HM: Fair enough. How about our media coverage? Do you think metal gets its just deserves?

Dave: Aussie metal bands need to chase things up and not sit on their butts waiting for nothing to happen!

HM: What kind of instruments do you use and have you done the `Rockstar` thing yet and smashed any equipment?

Dave:Yes, I smashed my bass on national TV! `Hey, Hey It`s Saturday` back in 1986. I didn`t plan to smash it because if I did I wouldn`t of taken a $3000 BC Rich bass!

HM: Haha… That`s hilarious! and sacrilege! So who is responsible for the bands artwork?

Dave: Me and `BattleGod Productions`.

HM: Fame, Fun Or Finance?

Dave: I plan to be fucking rich! And I will have fun! As for fame, I am almost there, but it`s boring without money!

HM: Anything you`d like to add or say to your fans?

Dave: Yeah, you must all listen to my CD with your heads in the toilet bowl praying directly to Satan!

Title: Doomed & Disgusting: Interview With Dave Slave
Category: Interviews
Sub-Category: Bands
Author: Déa di Morté
Related Link: The Official D&D Website
Added: October 14th 2006
Viewed: 3451 Times
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